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Xeric is combining its experience from doing hi-tech international business with its vast network of environmental organizations, experts, consultants and suppliers to provide advise and solutions to create business that will improve environmental sustainability, global climate and life.

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Xeric was founded in 2012 by 29 experienced executive managers, business men, consultants, investors and entrepreneurs with a common background as senior corporate trainees at the Swedish telecom group Ericsson where they had all been attending Ericsson's International Marketing Program between 1980-85.

Initially, Xeric began with providing management consultancy services focusing on internationalization to both large and small companies. During this period we came in contact with many small and medium sized enterprises with great products and solutions that could be very competitive on the international markets, but with limited resources and financing they could not expand on a broader scale. With Xeric's waste experience of international business and with a contact network, Xeric decided to focus on internationalization of SMEs. 

In parallel, some of the partners became engaged in global climate challenges and environmental technology, and built up a competence in this sector and established a network among relevant expert consultants, expert organizations and technology suppliers.

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The word xeric (pronounced 'zierik') is an adjective describing an arid and dry environment where only certain plants such as cactuses can survive.

Our name company name Xeric implies that we are working with, and supporting companies and organizations operating in harsh and xeric business environments where only the fittest will survive.​

It also relates to the fact that Xeric was founded by people with a background from the telecom giant Ericsson (Ex-Eric-sson).

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